In 2017, two youth workers met on Instagram and began talking about how today's social media driven kids are different, and yet the same. We wondered, "How are parents dealing with all of this?" We saw the impact that the digital age has on todays child and decided to do something about it. 


Our Mission

The mission of Bridging the Gap is to inform and educate parents to help them connect with their digital native child.  Through live trainings and workshops, BTG seeks to help parents understand what childhood is like in the 21st century by providing context and insight into today’s digital trends.  Based on our collective experiences as parents and professionals working with young people, we have experienced the impact digital media is having- and will continue to have- on children and their families.  Since technology is here to stay, we decided to harness what we are seeing and develop tips and strategies and alternative ways of working with families to adjust to the new digital trends, while maintaining healthy relationships and life-skills throughout the stages of development.

A really helpful resource for today’s busy parent who isn’t always able to keep up with the latest tech.
— Michael Cappiello, Social Worker, Jeffery Rapport School for Career Development

As an administrator, it made me recognize the importance of seeking to understand, rather than jumping to conclusions when seeing students on their cell phones or a lap top, presumably not doing their work.
— Randall Klein, Administrator, Fusion Academy (Brooklyn)